This is Max.


Wedding film maker wanted: Must be able to drive one-handed at high-speed while death-gripping a scalding hot Dunkin Donuts coffee. Must be of diminutive size and wear soft-soled shoes in order to achieve maximum stealthiness. Ability to shoot weddings with a sprained ankle a plus. Must supply own bottle of Advil.”


A distant graduate of R.I.T. with studies in New Media Design, Max Palmer started Maxmotion in 2013. By day, he works at an insurance company shaping the visual look and feel of the company’s digital pieces, such as mobile apps, video and motion graphics content, and web tools. By night, he tears off the shirt-and-tie shackles, dons his black clothes, and hand-crafts wedding films for his happy clients.

This is Greg.


Wedding photographer wanted: Must adhere to strict belief that if you don’t split the seams of your pants while shooting, that you’re not doing it right. Must have a passion for lens flares, and a severe penchant for drinking Coke at breakfast.


You’ll see Max teamed up with Greg at weddings so much, that they’ll both explode in a miraculous cloud of fairy dust if they get more than 40 feet apart at any time. He is the owner of Greg Wood Photography, and together they can pair up to make your day super-duper-extra-special.

This is Matt.


Wedding film maker wanted: Must love to shoot weddings. Must love to shoot weddings a lot. Must love to shoot weddings so much that it could be considered a sickness. Must have vast reserves of energy, be able to run on exactly one hour of sleep for every 36 hour period, and maintain a habit of being nocturnal. Must have fighter pilot-like reflexes with a Glidecam camera stabilizer. Ability to carry spare belts and supply missing pieces of wardrobe to other team members a plus.”


We weren’t lying – Matt really loves what he does, and it shows. Matt runs his own videography business as well, MV Film Productions and helps us out on some of our gigs. We don’t mind some solid competition – we simply explained to Matt that if he steals a client, we’ll just cut off the electricity to his studio.

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