Connecticut wedding videography

Love to remember.

The brimming anticipation. The tears of joy. ​ The laughter.
Years from now, every moment is still there.

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The best wedding deserves the best videography.

The crisp, bright morning, with the sound of a light breeze rustling through the trees. The priceless tremble of your fiancées' face, fighting back tears of joy as you approach the altar. The triumphant smiles and endearing looks on both of your faces as you flawlessly execute the dance steps that you practiced for months.  

You wouldn't want to experience those only once, right?
A professional wedding videographer will ensure that all of these once-in-a-lifetime memories are secured forever – and we will ensure it is captured in a rich, beautiful, cinematic style.

We get it, we've been there too - planning a wedding is tough.
Between all the decisions you have to make, you probably want to be done with it all. We know that you have an endless amount of choices to make because let's face it, you want it to be the

Wedding videography pricing starting at $3,795

Wedding videgraphy that's simple and worry-free. You've got enough on your mind - that's why we've designed a simple pricing structure that leaves you absolutely nothing to worry about.

7 minute film

This popular style is best for capturing just the essence and beauty of your day, sharing with friends, and watching over and over again throughout the years. Our couples LOVE these short films!

15 minute film

This package is great if you like the idea of a short film, but want more sights and sounds from your special day. More toasts, more tears, more laughter, more love.

Full Length film

Usually 90+ minutes in length. A much more traditional format, this will give you the entirety of all the day's key events. Includes your full ceremony, full speeches, entire intros and first dance, as well as a healthy dose of the other fun things that happen in-between.

All of our wedding video packages include:

2 videographers

Enough videographers and cameras to have your entire day captured.

Unlimited time

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is be looking at the clock. You don't need to worry about when we're coming – or going.

Drone footage*

When time, weather, and regulations permit, we'll do our best to get some epic cinematic shots from the air.

Some of our wedding films

Our work, your love. Here is a collection of films we've made for happy couples.